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Sewell Cadillac & Outrival Racing Sponsor Texas Freedom Run Against Human Trafficking

Sewell Cadillac & Outrival Racing Sponsor Texas Freedom Run Against Human Trafficking

Texas Freedom Run, an 850 mile October, 2014, series to raise awareness about human trafficking and sex slavery, announces its debut sponsors, Sewell Cadillac and Outrival Racing.

February 7, 2014 – HOUSTON – Sewell Cadillac and Outrival Racing are the first sponsors to announce their support of Texas Freedom Run, an 850 mile October run from El Paso to Orange, Texas, undertaken by athlete and entrepreneur Jason Arcemont, to raise awareness about human trafficking and the growing child sex slave industry. As a Houstonian business owner, Arcemont was disturbed to learn that his hometown is a major US hub for human trafficking and sexual slavery of children.

“In Houston an average of 6,000 kids run away each year,” said Arcemont, “and a third of those kids are waylaid by human traffickers within 48 hours of running away. Many of the children abused by sex slavers were captured at only 10, 11, or 12 years old. This travesty is reaching epidemic proportions, and as a parent and native Houstonian, I just had to do something. That’s how I came up with the idea for Texas Freedom Run. This criminal industry is built on secrecy and fear. I firmly believe that if enough good people knew how to identify at-risk kids, were familiar with the signs of abuse and criminal activity, and knew how to report their sightings, we could save thousands of children.”

This October (which also happens to be National Domestic Violence Awareness Month), Arcemont will embark on a 850 mile across Texas from El Paso and Orange, Texas, in hopes of generating press coverage and word of mouth around the issue of sex trafficking and child exploitation.

Sewell Cadillac will be donating a 2015 Escalade to follow Arcemont as he runs, so his team can track his progress, support him and provide photos and updates for fans and the media. Outrival Racing, the official coach of Texas Freedom Run, as well as official coach for Memorial Hermann IRONMAN® Texas and IRONMAN® 70.3 Texas, is donating their services to train and support Arcemont over the course of his training and humanitarian endeavor.

“It’s been an absolute confidence boost just having Outrival Racing in my corner,” said Arcemont, “and of course knowing that we’ll have a Cadillac Escalade from Sewell to be my team car. This October’s series of runs will be a challenge, but I’m up for it. We’ve got eight months to train and push strong anti-human trafficking tips and information out to the public. It’s going to be a great campaign, a great run, and my hope and prayer is that it saves at-risk kids from the hands of these sick criminals.”

Texas Freedom Run is a charitable project in partnership with Love146, an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation by caring for survivors, providing prevention education to children, training professionals working with exploited youth and empowering an international movement of abolition. More Info:www.TexasFreedomRun.com.

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